Acne Rosacea Treatment for Permanent Relief

Acne Rosacea TreatmentIf you are suffering from rosacea accompanied with a horrible case of acne, then you should look for an effective acne rosacea treatment to cure your symptoms. While rosacea is a different skin condition from acne, people who are suffering from rosacea can also suffer from acne.

In some cases, rosacea is only characterized by facial redness while in others it is characterized both by redness and acne. The primary difference between rosacea and plain acne is that the latter can be outgrown whereas the former is a chronic condition that is incurable. It typically manifests in middle-aged people and remains until old age, typically in women.

Rosacea typically starts out in the nose area and spreads out, though it can also start in the cheeks.  There are several acne rosacea treatments that can be employed to effectively reduce the severity of your symptoms. These include but are not limited to:


Antibiotics are used both as a treatment for acne and as a rosacea treatment. This can be taken in the form of orally administered medication or topical gel solutions, depending on which one you prefer. Topical solutions are intended for long-term treatments, as they are known to maintain their efficacy.

Sulfur-based Facial Wash

While recommended primarily for the treatment of acne, it is also used as an acne rosacea treatment, as it is known to effectively reduce facial redness and inflammation. This is a popular over the counter rosacea treatment, as other treatments generally require a prescription from a physician.


This is an oral drug prescribed for the treatment of acne, especially in severe cases. It has also been found to be effective as an acne rosacea treatment. It is often used as an alternative to creams and topical solutions, especially in cases where the use of these products has been found ineffective in the treatment of this skin condition.


Lavender is a popular acne rosacea natural treatment, as it is known to be effective in decreasing the severity of inflammatory conditions. Lavender is often used in rosacea remedies, like creams and topical gels for the treatment of both acne and rosacea.

Rosacea can be a very annoying condition to have, especially in cases where it affects the eyes. However, in mild cases, you may choose not to have it treated anymore, especially since it can easily be fixed with regular cosmetics. The best acne rosacea treatment comes in a topical solution because it is easier to apply and it works faster.

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