Types of Laser Treatment for Rosacea

Laser Treatment for RosaceaWhile there are many different treatments for rosacea, one of the fastest and most effective options is laser treatment for rosacea. The use of laser technology has long been a popular method in treating skin conditions. While it is more expensive than other treatments, it has been proven to be more effective.

There are different types of rosacea laser treatment, allowing you to properly choose which treatment is best suited for you. There are generally two types of laser rosacea treatments that are widely used today, these include:

Pulsed Dye Laser

This kind of rosacea laser is used in the reduction of blood vessels and flushing associated with the condition. It is shown to be effective in the reduction of facial redness, as patients who have undergone this method have reported up to 60% decrease in the symptoms of rosacea. It is also effective in the treatment of itching, skin dryness, swelling, as well as burning for people suffering from rosacea.

Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed light or IPL is a relatively new kind of laser treatment for rosacea. This method relies on a non-laser light source, as opposed to phototherapy. IPL has been shown to have positive effects in the treatment of facial redness, severe acne, and dilated blood vessels.

Those who have tried this laser for rosacea have reported up to 21% decrease in facial redness associated with rosacea. Newer technologies that utilized intense pulsed light are shown to be much more effective than the older ones in the treatment of the symptoms associated with rosacea. Patients have reported up to 83% reduction in facial redness.

Other Lasers

Other types of rosacea laser surgery include; ND:YAG laser, diode laser, CO2 laser,  and Erbium:Yag laser. These treatments are effective in the treatment of thickening skin as a result of rosacea. This is a safer alternative to surgical procedures such as excision.

Things to Note

Not a cure!
It is important to note that while acne laser rosacea treatment is effective in reducing your symptoms, it does not provide a cure for rosacea. Rosacea is categorized as an incurable skin condition, though measures may be taken to reduce the severity of the symptoms, such as using rosacea makeup.

Not for everyone
It is also worth noting that not everyone is qualified to undergo laser treatment, especially if you have clotting disorders or diabetes. If you want to undergo laser treatment for rosacea, it is best to seek advice from a doctor first to find out if you are eligible or not.

There are safer alternatives
If you’re not ready to risk trying laser treatment for your rosacea, then why not consider a safer, more natural approach – like the one outlined in Rosacea Free Forever? What I like most about it is that it costs way less than laser or any other rosacea treatment for that matter – but it can bring lasting results! Anyway you can read my full review of it here.

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